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Myanmar Traditional Chinlone (Cane Ball) at a glance

Traditional Chinlon (cane ball) sport has been developed and played by Myanmar nationals since ancient Pyu era and spread out to other regions through Sumatra and its small islands. Many researchers concluded the origin of Chinlon as Myanmar. 
The sport of playing Chinlon was developed in Myanmar many years ago and in the era of King Bo Daw Phaya, it was ordered to play at traditional festivals. 
Since then, Myanmar has maintained the Chinlon sport tradition by playing it widely across the country. Not only playing in the country but also breaking through the international borders and rules have been drawn as a sport and it was introduced by Myanmar at 27th Southeast Asian Games hosted by Myanmar as a traditional sport. 
Chinlon is made of rattan and its size is five inches in diameter. It is a sport but does not need to compete by using force like as other games. It is only important in how exactly, beautifully a competitor can play the cane-ball and how he can play with creative skill. 
Myanmar Chinlon is really a combination of sport, faireness and dance by moving forthwith the players’ heads, feet, waists and hands. Therefore, playing with a traditional orchestra, we can see it like as dancing of a male dancer without delay. 
Myanmar traditional Chinlon has been handed down since the ancient times and rules were made by ancient Myanmars specifically. The typical playing circle of the traditional Chinlon is 22 feet in diameter and played by six persons and extra two. There are six basic kicks in it. This means players can use six points of the body to contact with the ball. These are the top of the toes, the inner and outer sides of the foot, the sole, the heel and the knee. The Chinlon matches are held stage by stage by determining from basic kicks to special kicks. 
Many road-side Chinlon playing circles can be seen across the country and Myanmar nationals of every age and both sexes would like to play the Chinton. When the skillful players play and kick the ball in various beautiful styles, many pedestrians stop the walking to watch. Kicking the cane ball not to drop to the ground by the players is very amazing. In circle kick or Weing Chin, it needs to play by all of the players in unity than the beautiful solo kicks. Therefore, fairness and unity are essential for the winning of a circle kick of Myanmar Chinlon. 
Myanmar traditional Chinlon differs from Sepak Takraw. Sepak Takraw uses force by kicking the ball from side to side over a net. It also uses a synthetic ball. In Myanmar traditional Chinlon, it uses rattan ball only and it can be said as an artful character of unity.
If the readers would like to know, feel and see more about Myanmar traditional Chinlon, you can see the record film named ‘Mystic Ball’ at too.
On 27th December, the second Asian traditional Chinlon game is to be held in Nay Pyi Taw, Myanmar and not only the Asia nations such as India, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Thailand, Cambodia and host Myanmar but also Brazil will compete for the first time. 
Myanmar Compass Family presents this article with the aim of developing and spreading out the Myanmar traditional Chinlon sport more and more. 
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Update : 12-02-2017

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