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Dining in Bangkok - Thailand

 Tour package to Thailand, you will enjoy the dishes in Bangkok in particular and Thailand in general are the combination of Eastern and Western culinary culture manifested most clearly the harmonious combination of four basic nature: sour, spicy, salty and sweet.
Many people think that spicy Thai food can not eat? This is not necessarily true even though it is not wrong. Often, depending on the dish that the cook will prepare spicy or not spicy, or even the food that is dear customers may still require less spicy processing.
Is Thai food delicious? The delicious or not delicious depending on the taste of each person, however, the general assessment of the food experts in the world is Thai Food is delicious and has very special features. That is why Thai restaurants are appearing in the world more and more.
Is it hard to eat? Thai dishes are not too difficult to eat with the Vietnamese. Thai people also eat rice as our Vietnamese, there are also dishes such as: tea, fried rice, ....
Some dishes that you should enjoy while traveling Thailand:
- Tom Yum Goong:
The translation is shrimp soup or sour soup also. This soup is often cooked with ingredients such as shrimp, seafood, mushroom, tamarind, lemon leaves, some coconut milk. Usually eat hot.
- Pad Thai:
Pad Thai is a kind of Thai noodles. Noodles are fried with eggs, peanuts, dried shrimp, tofu (tofu), tamarind sauce, ... Pad Thai is the most popular traditional dish in Thailand. In Bangkok you can enjoy this dish at most eateries, restaurants and small.
- Khao Pad:
This is Thai fried rice. Basic Thai fried rice is also like Vietnamese fried rice. But better presented, more clever. Fried rice has many kinds: fried chicken rice, fried beef rice, ... Many restaurants also include fried rice in pineapple to create new novelties for diners.
- Thai curry:
Thai curries are fat and light aromas of coconut milk, spicy chili peppers, with many vegetables such as bamboo shoots, coffee beans, eggplant, lime leaves, onion, garlic, seafood cooked with seafood, chicken or beef.
- Thai hot pot:
Thai hot pot can not be missing the spicy taste of fresh peppers, the aroma of lime leaves, fresh ginger and some sweetness of sugar, the taste is familiar and easy to "addiction". The indispensable ingredients in the scallop are black tiger prawns, mushrooms, tomatoes, fresh peppers, coriander, garlic, onion, lemon grass, citronella, galangal, morning glory ... Also, there are seafood hot pot with sea crab Fresh squid, scallion, black tiger shrimp, salted fish, mixed seafood, onions, lime leaves, tomatoes, basil, straw mushrooms, fresh peppers, ginger, sugar, lemon juice. All are elaborately processed, beautifully presented in the very "Thai" instruments, only in Thailand you can find the beauty, taste of this dish from shape to taste.
- Thai tea:
Unlike Thai tea which is sold in Vietnam, Thai tea is a favorite with many desserts. In essence, Thai tea is very similar to coconut milk tea in the Mekong Delta, but is processed and decorated beautifully many times more.
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Update : 20-06-2017

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